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what you can expect


Our range extends from the ports of Guangdong, on the impressive Pearl river, to the Tropical shores of the Hainan province, to the farmers shipping their goods along the picturesque meandering Mekong River in Vietnam. We have beautiful Japanese ingredients from the ports of Tokyo and Nagoya and some stock items have even floated from Taiwan and South Korea and the Philippines for our enjoyment.

Our Indonesian ingredients have come from the bustling hub of Jakarta and our Thai ingredients set sail from the international port on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, probably passing Malaysia and Singapore on the way to Port Phillip Bay.

Truly an eclectic mix of the finest that Asia has to offer, we can guarantee that all our foods adhere to strict global food safety standards and import regulations.

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it’s all about the atmosphere


Enjoy a relaxing shopping experience as you wander our isles immersed in the Asian smells and sounds. Our uncluttered shelves make it easy to access the ingredients you seek or just want to try. Everything is clearly labelled and highly visual so you can find what you want and, if you’re interested but unsure, just ask one of the team.

We all love talking about Asian food and flavours or sharing a recipe for you to follow. We even provide recipe cards instore created by us just for you!


Our products are brought to us by reputable import companies who have had years of experience in sourcing the finest stock from around the Pacific rim. Our merchants pride themselves on the diversity of the goods they stock so if you’re looking for something, please ask our team and we’ll do our best!


After 10 years of cooking Asian food professionally at a local, award-winning modern Asian restaurant, our business owner Jennifer really knows her stuff! She is excited to bring you these exotic flavours and would be honoured to help guide you with their uses.

Our team of passionate staff can help with advice and suggestions for your Asian food creations. We’re well travelled through many parts of Asia and have experienced the products and flavours first -hand to ensure that you are making a dish brimming with authenticity. We can also help to offer suggestions and substitutes if you’re catering to an allergy of a fussy eater.

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